To mid-August, the Winery is preparing for the beginning of harvest, vintage is the culmination of the work in the field of the year for us, grape is collected in perforated plastic boxes of 20 kilos. Property reviews maturation from the start of veraison and decides the most opportune moment for the harvested manually for each variety and plot.

Depending on the variety, the fruit is treated in different ways, the whites go directly to the press where macerated a few hours, the reds after destemming and a light grinding passes to maceration tanks. The simple Winery, maceration tanks of 6,100 litres constructed in stainless steel, calculated to macerate the grapes from each plot, other deposits are of a capacity of 3.300 liters built in stainless steel, all of them with an interior temperature controlled system. Each deposit of maceration and guard corresponds to a variety and plot. Leave mature wines during the rigors of winter, are analyzed and catan, allowing us to choose the wines and most appropriate mixtures, for its later bottling from March. The elaboration of white and red wines of parenting was launched in the year 2000.

Whites come from a vintage selected in the field, in the cellar will have taken care of all the details, extraction of grape juice after a light maceration at controlled temperature and after fermentation in new French and American oak barrels. The reds go to macerate in vats at a controlled temperature for later go to French and American oak barrels.